Get warmth from the ground up with radiant floor heating

Discover for yourself how Radiant Floor Heating can provide a more constant and even warmth throughout your home. For a comfortable and efficient heating alternative to furnaces, look no further than a Radiant Floor Heating system. With increased comfort, economy, and flexibility, Radiant Floor Heating systems use warm water circulated through tubing in floors to heat the home. This provides a more constant and even heat than forced air. Whether you are retrofitting an existing home or customizing a new home, The Heating Specialist has the expertise to design and install an Hydronic Floor Heating system.

Floor Heating vs. Forced Air Heating

Where forced air systems distribute heat from the ceiling down, floor solutions tend to be more effective by distributing the heat straight from the surface itself. This method closely resembles the body’s natural comfort curve. Here, there is no over or under heating as with forced air systems. Consequently, people and pets are more comfortable at lower temperatures, saving energy and money. Studies show 35-40% less energy is used to achieve the same or higher comfort levels than forced air systems.

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